9 Top Kitchen Trends In 2022

This is your list of 9 kitchen trends for 2022 you want to consider.

Does a new year equal new kitchen trends? “Trends” sounds like cheap, fast fashion fads, whereas your kitchen is full of permanent, expensive materials. But this list has a lot of classic elements to it that will take you through this decade.

wood island in a kitchen


Studio McGee

The following kitchen trend report is discussing the following 9 kitchen features:

  1. Kitchen Cabinet Colors
  2. Kitchen Tile and Backsplash
  3. Kitchen Countertops
  4. Kitchen Appliances
  5. Kitchen Hardware
  6. Scullery In Kitchens
  7. Arches In Kitchens
  8. Kitchen Sinks
  9. Wood Pieces

1. Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Warm White + Earthy

We’ve made the evolution from stark white towards warm, earthy and all around cozy vibes in the kitchen! Warmer white or taupe cabinets are a great choice for former white kitchen lovers.

warm white kitchen cabinets



Greige Tones

Griege is a way to keep that light and airy feel but stay up to date. (Greige is a made up term for that middle ground between warm grey and beige.) 

Wood Cabinets

Natural wood cabinets are trending strong and a great design decision, while adding to the warm cozy factor. Grained walnut or white oak, mixed with white is classic.

wood cabinets in kitchen



white oak island kitchen trends 2022



white kitchen


Pure Joy Blog

Black & White

Don’t like earthy? The black and white kitchen trend is having a big moment as a kitchen trend in 2022 – and black and white is classic! These colors work even as your style changes over time.

Below is a great example. This is not a “new kitchen”, but look how timeless the black and white is:

black and white kitchen trends 2022



Above is a newly built black and white kitchen. Considering a kitchen with these colors?

Blue remains strong. (In my book, blue will always be a classic… and borderline neutural!)

blue gray kitchen


Lea Shulman Interiors

Glazed Tiles

I would make the bold statement that glazed tiles are similar to the 2015 version of subway tile. With the light catching finish of liquid glass, these tiles have a shiny and slick finish that look good in many kitchens of various styles.

Glazed tiles seen below:

glazed tile as a backsplash kitchen trend 2022


Studio Dearborn

glazed tile in a kitchen


Decor Pad

Thin Grout / Slab Backsplash

Grout lines are going even thinner (made possible by advancements in tile technology), and there is a big movement towards slab backsplashes continuing in 2022 in place of tile. This removes all the grout lines and gives a clean, luxurious look.

marble slab backsplash


Decor Pad


Backsplash To The Ceiling

Lastly, reconsider cutting off tile where the upper cabinet starts. Taking the tile all the way up to ceiling height (where you can) feels high end, plus it gives a focal point if done on one area. Higher backsplashes can brighten a dark kitchen, especially when it’s a reflective or white backsplash.


Countertops are the most common splurge item in kitchen renovations of 2022, with appliances as a close second.

Quartz Is King

White shades of quartz remain the most popular kitchen countertop trend in 2022. Quartz is well loved for being family and life friendly – and a great option for those who are attracted to marble. No worries about stains – quartz holds up to real life messes!~

Read about the durability of quartz and a few recommended kinds of quartz here.


Meg McSherry Interiors

quartz in a kitchen trend in 2022


Meg McSherry Interiors

Quartz that has similar colors to marble continues to trend. Below is Statuario Maximus from Caesar Stone. It is a marble look alike; a quartz with a soft base and bold thick veining.

quartz that is a marble look alike


Plank and Pillow


Marble finishes will always find a place in the kitchen, although they will never be the practical choice. Love them or hate them, they are still adored in high end kitchens! Homeowners installing marble make peace with the etches that will inevitably happen.

Calcutta marble, below:

waterfall islands in kitchen from 2022


Decor Pad

Waterfall islands, generously sized islands, and countertop materials that continue seamlessly onto walls are all kitchen trends of 2022.

Now that homeowners are waiting at least 6 months for an appliance to arrive, we are feeling justified to shell out more money in this area.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are a big ticket item as smart technology integrates with our everyday living. A huge time saver is preheating the oven on your drive home from the office or – my personal favorite – even get appliances serviced without a technician.

White Appliances

White appliances are a hot color choice for 2022 kitchens. While they used to say dated, the new white appliances reflect cleanliness and beauty, (smudge proof? yes please!). Look at GE’s Cafe series, or Whirlpool’s “Ice Collection”.

white oven in a greige kitchen



white appliances kitchen trends 2022



Panel Ready Appliances

And lastly, just as we saw in 2021, panel ready appliances are a popular choice in luxury kitchens. We are also following suit. The reason? Seamless, easy to clean and just about as attractive as you can get!

black panel refrigerator and freezer


Room for Tuesday

a panel ready refrigerator

5. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and Metals

Mixing Metals Like Never Before

The combination of metals you can mix up in your kitchen is like no other time. No need to stick with one or even two finishes for cabinet hardware, sink faucet, and lighting.

mixed metals is a kitchen trend in 2022


Clark and Co Homes

So what types of metals? Polished nickel continues to be a classic. Unlacquered brass is going no where, because most people either hate it or love it. Read a quick guide all about unlacquered brass here – what is it, why it’s controversial.

Black mixes well with just about everything. Stainless? Definitely mix it in.

mixing metals in a kitchen

Source: Chrissy Marie Blog’s Kitchen

mixing brass and silver in kitchen


Katie Davis Designs

Copper is also a well liked metal that continues in 2022. Gold is not going anywhere and continues to be seen in various finishes (just stay away from the extra yellow shiny tone of the ’80s).

brass faucet is a kitchen trend 2022


Meg McSherry Interiors

6. Increased Storage / Scullery In Kitchens

Forget the pantry closet – true working pantries, bigger than ever that hold appliances or areas like coffee centers – are now on many “must haves” lists for many new dream kitchens.

A Working Pantry

Everyone wants increased storage – especially with so many home. Sculleries and butler pantries in all sizes are going into new construction kitchens!

a butlers pantry kitchen trends 2022


Christopher Scott

kitchen walk in pantry

What To Put in Your Working Pantry?

We are taking a piece out of our large dining room to create this small back kitchen room. Ours won’t house day to day food storage – but instead it will have double wall ovens, the microwave, and coffee station all together, a few refrigerated drawers, and storage for bakeware.

Don’t forget to house plugs for appliances, or cabinets with plugs inside in your pantry too. This is a nice spot to keep and charge the Dustbuster or your vacuum.

scullery is kitchen trend 2022



a butlers pantry with window is a kitchen trend 2022

scullery kitchen trend 2022


source unknown

7. Arches and Organic Shapes

Rounded accents is another new one that may sound strange at first, but you will see this trend growing.

cabinet with blue tile inside



We considered a curved cabinet in our new kitchen but ultimately squashed the idea due to other details – but expect to see curves popping up in lots of designs! Curved sides of islands, arched windows and doorways, or even arched glass cabinetry. It’s all about that organic feel.

an arched window in a kitchen


Chelsea Kasch Interior Design

butlers pantry with arched glass in cabinetry


Stone Hall Cabinetry

arched doorway into pantry



8. Workstation Sinks

Lastly, workstation sinks are another newer trend – and one you might regret if you choose a smaller sink.

What is a Workstation Sink?

If you love to cook this will get you excited! These large sinks start are available in several sizes in but can really go wide, boasting drop in inserts such as colanders, cutting boards, or drying racks. Everything can be prepped right there at the sink. 

workstation sink in a k itch

workstation sink

from my Instagram @chrissymarieblog

9. Something Wood

In our scullery we are including small antique cabinet to add a practical but unexpected conversation piece. Since the small room is full of cabinets, it won’t feel as visually heavy and will still give us space for prep.

wood glass cabinet in a kitchen



The days of painted, glazed / fake “antiqued” furniture everywhere is over (and we’re okay with that!), but incorporating a touch of actual wood looks beautiful in a room.

wood cabinets kitchen trends 2022



It also takes away from the “new build” feel if everything you have is new and factory made. How about a vintage farm table as an island? If all of your kitchen is brand new, juxtapose the new stark feel with an antique kitchen table.

Kitchen trends for 2022 are giving me a very classic, timeless feel. If you found something to pull from these 9 trends that resonates with you, then this post was a success!