Bathrooms & Vanities


Woodhouse bathroom cabinets and vanity units are uniquely designed to suit your personal preferences

Unlike the kitchen, which is a place of gathering and chatter, the bathroom is a special place. It is one of the more intimate and quiet rooms in the house where we can relax and be alone with our thoughts. Bespoke designs by Woodhouse makes that possible.

Bathroom vanities and medicine chests should be designed for optimum storage and practicality so that you will be able to see and access your toiletries at a glance. Smooth running doors and well hinged doors are of the utmost importance for daily use and longevity. Your bathroom should be a pleasing space where you can spend daily quiet times.

We design, manufacture and install wall cupboards, linen boxes and medicine chests as well as classy wash stands and elegant free-standing towel rails. From inception to installation, our dedicated Woodhouse team is committed to making your bathroom dreams tangible.


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