Bathrooms & Vanities

Bathrooms & Vanities

Woodhouse bathroom cabinets and vanity units are uniquely designed to suit your personal preferences.

Unlike the kitchen which is a place of gathering and chatter, the bathroom is a special place. It is one of the intimate, quiet rooms in a house where we can relax and be alone with our thoughts. Bespoke designs by Woodhouse Kitchens and Cupboards make that possible.
Second only to the kitchen, the bathroom is the room which potential buyers get excited or depressed about. When you enter a bathroom, it immediately creates an emotion in you. If your existing bathroom does not create excitement when you use it, it may be time to call Woodhouse for advice on putting the sparkle back in your bathroom visits.

Existing and prospective home owners often design their bathrooms based on the appearance of tiling, basins and taps. It is only when they start using the bathroom and the experience is not what they expected, that they realise the choice of cupboards and vanities have been neglected.
Bathroom vanities and medicine chests should be designed for optimum storage and practicality so you will be able to see your toiletries at a glance. Smooth running drawers and well hinged doors are of the utmost importance for daily use and longevity. Your bathroom should be a pleasing space where you can spend daily quiet times.

The Woodhouse bathroom range
Woodhouse bespoke bathroom designs range from modern, floating flat panel units to free standing classic and shaker style contemporary bathroom vanities.
We design, manufacture and install wall cupboards, linen boxes and medicine chests as well as classy wash stands and elegant free-standing towel rails.
Some types of bathroom vanities we manufacture include:

  • pedestal vanities
  • free-standing vanities
  • wall-mounted vanities
  • under-mount vanities
  • vanity cabinets
  • vessel vanities which has a bowl basin on top of the cabinet

From inception to installation, our dedicated Woodhouse team is committed to making your bathroom design dreams tangible. No matter how big or small, we deliver the highest quality product within your personal budget.

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