Bedroom’s & Built-in Cupboards

bedrooms & built-in cupboards

from simple built-in cupboards with clean lines and walk-in dressing rooms to beautiful wall units, woodhouse kitchen and cupboards has a solution for any clothing or lined collection

Our handmade built-in cupboards are designed to optimise the use of space and to respond to your specific spatial requirements. Our cupboards, like all of our services, are custom. Catering for the individual tastes and preferences of our clients.

We use the highest quality materials, including door hardware (hinges, locks and handles) that match our craftsmanship. This ensures that you will have many years of trouble-free use of your cupboards.

Our approach includes a modular design with tower units consisting of shelving and drawers, ideally located between hanging sections. While we can accommodate any idea or design, the most popular choices are either sliding or hinged door panel option. Cupboards are available in shaker style, flat panel or modern high gloss variants in a range of custom colours or painting techniques.


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