10 bathroom ideas that will bring your intimate space into the future.

10 bathroom ideas that will bring your intimate space into the future.

10 bathroom ideas that will bring your intimate space into the future.

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the room in the house that you most likely spend the most time. A beautiful bathroom, with exquisite vanities, can take your space to the next level. Included below are the 10 most inspiring bathroom ideas that you should consider.

1.   Rounded Rectangle Vanity Mirrors

A rounded rectangular mirror can change your bathroom into something elegant and contemporary. This simple change transforms your space. Another pro is that a rectangular mirror looks great even in a small bathroom design, creating a sense of volume in the room.

2.   Floating Vanities

A floating vanity gives the illusion of added space, and it helps create a chic style that’s distinctly contemporary. This design, based on a typically modern, modular aesthetic, makes your bathroom feel like a thing of beauty, rather than just somewhere you spend your quiet time.

3.   Polished Nickel

What we love about polished nickel,  is it’s a warmer tone, making it a little less harsh than it’s sister chrome. We think that it’s the more high-end looking metal of the silver family which is why people are into it. A polished nickel finish in a bathroom creates a soft balance of hardware

4.   Long, skinny tiles

If you have a narrow space in your bathroom, or even if your bathroom is narrow in it’s entirety, a long skinny tile is your friend. The tile creates a sense of elongation from floor to ceiling, ultimately taking the focus of your galley style bathroom.

5.   Using marble as art.

There is no better artist than nature, so why not bring the beautiful natural colours and textures that marble presents as a center piece for your bathroom. While this can be pricey, and not for everyone, we think that choosing s natural occurring art piece in the form of marble is something of real elegance.

6.   Black, black and more black

Darker tones, specifically black, are here. We saw so many grey bathrooms this past year, but expect to see an increase in black bathrooms. This trend is most popular in light fixtures, vanities, mirrors, and other fixtures- especially with matte finishes.

7.   Industrial style sinks and vanities

While this style may not be for everyone, it’s very current and you should expect to see an increase in popularity for this type of design with the coming year! With all the metal finish possibilities, wooden accents, and funky tile patterns, it only makes sense that the industrial vanity is in. Its sleek and modern look fits in perfectly with this edgy, yet classy remodeling trend.

8.   Wood accents

Various shades of wood can complement white, blue, green, and darker coloured bathroom. Practically anywhere! Wood accents pair nicely with vintage and industrial trends. This look adds a classically traditional style to your otherwise trendy and modern bathroom.

9.   Lots of compact storage

The bathroom is a relaxation sanctuary and compact storage can effectively provide just that. Hidden cabinets,  modern wall shelving, and vanity under space storage will appear less cluttered, allowing the entire bathroom to feel more open and organized.

10. Pastel colours

When it comes to colour options for 2019 design trends, there’s some we prefer in a pop, and then there’s some we want all over. Shades of blush will continue to prevail in 2019 bathroom trends. Blush is one of the most popular wall colour choices for modern bathroom walls. Another notable trend that isn’t quite there yet, but slowly starting to reveal itself is rose gold.

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