Classic shaker, modern or country style kitchen?

Classic shaker, modern or country style kitchen?

A look at the three more popular style options for your kitchen.

The options are vast when choosing the kind of kitchen you want in your home and can, quite frankly, become a bit overwhelming. However, there is a solution. We think a good place to start would be choosing the right style of kitchen, and then moving on to the smaller details such as the kind of tops, tiling or perhaps splash back options. The three more popular styles that we would like to focus on are classic shaker, modern and country style.

Classic shaker

When we say shaker, we’re describing the type of door used on your kitchen cabinetry. A shaker door is characterized by a recess within the panel of the door. The recessed panels are either bevelled or plain to create a certain style quite simple with an open plan style design.

A Woodhouse, beveled shaker style kitchen.

The beauty of the shaker door is in its simplicity. Without fuss, the shaker kitchen is timeless in its appeal and style.

A classic Woodhouse shaker style kitchen


A modern style kitchen offers clean lines, minimalist style choices and a streamlined design.  The open plan feel and high-function, post-industrial materials combined with natural timber and stone create a sense of space and an uncluttered environment.

A modern style kitchen

Modern kitchens make use of beautifully engineered surfaces, screeded and polished concrete and steel products that give the kitchen a horizontal, bold and clean look.

A beautiful marble modernist kitchen

Country style kitchen

The Country style kitchen refers a kind of aesthetic that represents a rural farmhouse-like, feeling and  design. This style of kitchen has gained popularity because of the  of simpler, timeless living it points too. The colour palette of a country style kitchen will incorporate pastels and bright colours with the addition of design elements like stencilling or vintage signage. The materials used to create a country style décor include wood and rock along with other organic materials.

A stunning Woodhouse country kitchen

Whatever your choice, Woodhouse will ensure that your kitchen represents that kind of style you are looking for.

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