Everything you need to know about the butler sink

Everything you need to know about the butler sink.

Timeless in style, form and function.

The chunky, simple ceramic butler sink is durable, easy to clean and makes a stand out feature in any kitchen or utility room.

A beautiful Woodhouse butler sink installation and unit.

A bit of history

The Butler sink was originally designed for the Butler’s pantry in London. Designed in 18th century, London which had far less readily available water than it does these days. While even today we would struggle to call the river Thames ‘fresh’, London in the Victorian times was in very short supply of fresh water. Because of this, the sinks had to be designed specifically to conserve water, Thus the butler sink was born.

A single butler sink in a Woodhouse Kitchen

The beauty of the butler sink

The choice to include a built-in butler sink is a quintessentially English decision. Not only does it offer a functional feature to your kitchen island, but also a highly stylish and trendy finish to any design choice, whether it be modern, country-style or a more classic shaker.

Chunky butler sink in a Woodhouse island.

What we offer

With our extensive range of suppliers, we are able to cater to any design choice you may have when it comes to how you would like to incorporate a butler sink in your kitchen or utility room. From a single, double or even stainless steel option, the choice is yours.

A stainless steel butler sink in a Woodhouse island.

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