Living spaces

A Woodhouse living space overflows with character and trendy, understated sophistication.

We design, manufacture and install handmade furniture for living spaces, and our products include

  • bars
  • wine cellars
  • home libraries
  • wall units
  • TV units
  • linen cupboards
  • linen boxes
  • free-standing furniture
  • fire place surrounds

Woodhouse Cape Town bathroomWoodhouse Kitchens and Cupboards design and manufacture wine cellars that fulfill form and function, timeless home libraries to enhance the quiet relaxed atmosphere of a room of knowledge,
TV-units that transform sociable spaces,
impressive bars and bar cabinets, fire place surrounds to fit any fireplace and
beautiful wall-units.

Wine cellars

Wine cellars are for storing wine, but storing wine is not just about plunking a few bottles of wine on a shelf. Storing wine is a finely tuned process best done by informed wine experts.

Woodhouse helps you become that expert by providing you with fine cellar shelves and wine racks that fit in with the space design and size.

Wine cellars are often called wine rooms in South Africa, but we don’t mind if you call your wine cellar a wine room – we will provide you with cellar furniture that will suit your style and status.

Using our years of expertise, high quality materials and an acute attention to detail, any project is possible. We don’t shy away from any ideas your may have and the ideas you found on the Internet we manufacture in our stride.

Home libraries
Home libraries or studies, are those rooms in a house where the owner can withdraw and spend time on important matters without disturbance.

Because many important thought processes take place, and decisions are reached, in a home library, it is important that this room in your house should reflect the atmosphere needed for relaxed and effective thinking. A Woodhouse home library is just what you need.

TV units
TV wall units are important pieces of furniture. Not only does it store your TV set, but it is the centre of you home’s entertainment space.

Woodhouse Kitchens and Cupboards design TV units according to your taste, wishes and the available space.

Whether you prefer traditional or sleek and modern, we design and manufacture TV units that are exactly what you want.

You tell us what you envision or bring us that Instagram picture and your wish becomes our demand.

Your bar is the place where you relax sociably with friends, family or business associates.

We design traditional modern and impressive bar counters, cupboards and shelves. Our bars allow you to show off your impressive collection of liquor, whether you keep just what you drink or keep what impress your guests. The only reason we care what you keep in your bar, is that it dictates to us how me must design your home bar.

You bar is the place that should be exactly what you want, and Woodhouse can make that happen for you.

Fireplace surrounds
Wooden fireplace surrounds or mantels are the touch-ups to a well designed and rounded living space. It is the icing on the cake. You can eat the cake without it, but it’s just a little better with it.

Woodhouse will design and manufacture your dream fireplace surround to help to make your living space soft on the eye.

Wall units
Wall units are pre-manufactured furniture assembled from several components and usually fixed to the wall.

They have a variety of uses and include shelves and compartments. Wall units are often a number of modules arranged to appear as a single unit. A wall unit may include your TV unit and other electronic devices, and may consist of open or closable modules.

There are as many wall unit designs as there are needs and tastes. Whatever you need and whatever you like, we are master craftsmen, we make it happen for you.

Your choice of wall units depends entirely on what you want to use it for and what your preferences are.

Woodhouse works in all natural timbers.

Our traditionally skilled cabinet makers create, refine and perfect the final product.

If you want sleek, modern, clean line cupboards, we design and manufacture painted units from the highest grade Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF). Our units are custom-built to fit your available space. We convert your ideas into uniquely styled, installed cabinets, and our acute attention to detail makes most projects possible.

Classical, contemporary or futuristic, a Woodhouse living space experience is truly unique.

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